In 1982, the world's largest home videogame manufacturer teamed up with the world's largest restaurant chain to let folks "Taste the Thrill of Atari at McDonald's" with a spectacular  nationwide contest.   From August 15 to October 15, Mcdonald's gave away over 12,000 Atari prizes - video game consoles, and home computers worth over $4 million - plus additional prizes of McDonald's food and drinks.

        Participating McDonald's restaurants distributed free game pieces with the purchase of large sandwiches or specialty items from their menu.   Each game piece was based on an Atari video game - Asteroids, Centipede, Missle Command, or Star Raiders - and had a series of rub-off spots.   If you matched food or Atari game prizes without uncovering a "Zap" spot, you won.

       Prizes included approximately 10,000 Atari Video Computer consoles, 1,500 Atari 400 and 800 Home Computers, and 200 full-sized Cabaret model Centipede coin video games.   For the grand prize, 50 deluxe home video packages were given away, each of which included an Atari 5200 Advanced Video Entertainment System and cartridges, an Atari 800 Home Computer with a complete package of accessories, the tabletop Centipede coin video game, and a big-screen television.

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McDonalds "Thrill of Atari"

        Thanks to McDonald's and Atari, the old fashion Dinner
was replaced by an exciting Video Dinner that
made thousands winners in the Summer-Fall of 1982.