The Atari Museum
Interactive Atari Facilities Map (1978)

        For those individuals who have always wanted to see the buildings where Atari created their wonders in silicon, plastic and wood that made all of us smile, laugh and just forget the world around us while we focused on imaginary worlds of fun and creativity... this is your chance to take an interactive tour of Silicon Valley and a look at the actual buildings once occupied by Atari through its many years of existence.

        This Interactive map has been the result of many hours of driving and photo taking and was made possible through the efforts of Gary Rubio (Former Atari Consumer Engineering), Lynn Kopatich (Former Atari Operations) and Curt Vendel (Atari Historical Society Founder).    The below map is a 1978 Facilities Map and does not include many buildings which Atari occupied in the later years, therefor below this map are links to the additional facilities occupied by Atari, I hope everyone enjoys this look at Atari from a buildings view.

Click on each building to view a photo of it.
(Some photo's have History Notes on the building)

390 Carribean Warehouse380 Carribean Warehouse360 Carribean Warehouse1395 Borregas Consumer Warehouse1385 Borregas Consumer Warehouse1346 Bordeaux Consumer Customer Service1344 Bordeaux Coin-op Customer Service1340 Bordeaux Consumer Chip Programming1360 Bordeaux Maintenance Department1364 Bordeaux Board Games Division1272 Borregas Engineering1196 Borregas Corporate Research / In Late 1984 Corporate Headquarters1265 Borregas Corporate Headquarters1215 Borregas Consumer Final Assembly1195 Borregas Consumer Subassembly1173 Borregas Pinball Manufacturing155 Moffett Park Consumer Engineering1180 Bordeaux Coin-op Printed Circuit Boards1183 Professional Products Division1185 Bordeaux Engineering1312 Crossman